Flotation Toy Warning: Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck

Flotation Toy Warning: Bluffer&
Title: Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck
Label: Talitres

Flotation Toy Warning have been stealing hearts with their space-rock-chamber-pop independent sound since the beginning of last decade. Their debut Bluffers Guide to the Flight Deck (released worldwide in 2004) is now reissued on Talitres. "The quirkiness of The Flaming Lips with a bit of Granddaddy Americana and the production values of Mercury Rev circa 'Deserter's Songs', left to stew in it's own dolor just long enough to turn gently maudlin and you have some idea what flying machine test pilots and quirky inventors get up to when they aren't flying or inventing things. A good record, but definitely not one to listen to before you head out to the pub. " Soundsxp. Com "swirls of guitar, looped samples and beautifully bereft vocals to beguiling lo-fi effect, recalling both DIY Flaming Lips and the glitchyside of Sparklehorse... Buckled but beauteous, psychedelic Victoriana with beats" Time Out

1.1 Untitled
1.2 Happy 13
1.3 Popstar Researching Oblivion
1.4 Losing Carolina; for Drusky
1.5 Made from Tiny Boxes
1.6 Donald Pleasance
1.7 Fire Engine on Fire Pt.I
1.8 Fire Engine on Fire Pt. II
1.9 Even Fantastica
1.10 Happiness Is on the Outside
1.11 How the Plains Left Me Flat

Flotation Toy Warning: Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck

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