Flower-Corsano Duo

Flower-Corsano Duo: The Four Aims

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Four Aims
Label: VHF Records

2009 release, the much-anticipated second full-length by the long-running duo of Mick Flower (Vibra cathedral Orchestra, Sunroof, Michael Flower Band) and Chris Corsano (Flaherty/Corsano, Jandek, Bjork, Sunburned). in the couple years since their debut, the Radiant Mirror, the two have toured and recorded frequently, expanding their range to include a mind-boggling array of free sound.

1.1 I, Brute Force?
1.2 The Three Degrees of Temptation
1.3 The Drifter's Miracles
1.4 The Beginning of the End
1.5 The Main Ingredient

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