Floyd Dixon

Floyd Dixon: Wake Up & Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Floyd Dixon

Title: Wake Up & Live
Label: Alligator Records

1.1 Hey, Bartender
1.2 My Song Is Don't Worry
1.3 You Know That'll Get It
1.4 A Long Time Ago
1.5 A Dream
1.6 You're the Only One for Me
1.7 450 Pound Woman
1.8 Mean ; Jealous Man
1.9 I Wanna Rock
1.10 Don't Send Me No Flowers in the in the Graveyard
1.11 Wake Up ; Live
1.12 Livin' a Lie (Weak for a Woman)
1.13 Rockin' at Home
1.14 Got the Blues So Bad
1.15 Skeet's California Sunshine
1.16 Gettin' Ready

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