Flug 8

Flug 8: Trans Atlantik

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Artist: Flug 8

Artist: Flug 8
Title: Trans Atlantik
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double LP + CD version. Looking back, it seems like Daniel Herrmann aka Flug 8's musical career was destined to be. His grandfather was an organ builder. There was hardly a single room where not one of these instruments stood, on which he was already strumming ardently in his younger years. Phases in punk, heavy and Krautrock bands followed and consequently, the first synthesizers. A project in art school, a combination of old Super 8 recordings from his parents and his own material, gave birth to his artist name, Flug 8. His second love belongs to photography. The feeling for the right moment, the intimate instant, he proved inter alia in the photo project "12x672," a collaboration with Tobias Thomas. At the famous techno club Robert Johnson not only was the photography ban put aside for him, he even met Acid Pauli after a long evening studio session. "A Little Nightcap" was followed by the first 12", Taunus in 2008, and the barely-apprehended album Losch dein Profil in 2009, both on Acid Pauli's Smaul imprint. Another highlight surely was the year on tour together with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose first live LP he configured with his photo shots. These are only a few of the cornerstones Herrmann has chiseled his initials in. And now, his debut on Disko B: Trans Atlantik is way more than a collection of tracks, it is the pure essence of all these images, impressions and emotions Daniel Herrmann gathered during the sometimes endless and lonely hours of travelling. "Zeitraffer," "Trans Atlantik" and "Android" are reminiscent of tracks on important electronic labels such as Sky or Brain and stand in the tradition of great artists like Klaus Schulze or Kraftwerk, without remaining in the past, but looking straight forward into the future. One highlight is the cooperation with N.U. Unruh, who not only hammered the appropriate sounds in Einsturzende Neubauten but also for "Musik aus Metall." As a result from the collaboration with the Danish artist Kristina Kristoffersen aka Mono Girl we receive the fragile electro-pop beauty "Watch Me Grow" and the Gothic hymn "On a Spear." of course, his signature sound in the shape of Krauty-house-y techno is not to be missed - the dancefloor shakes under the influence of "Konsumprodukt" and "Zukunft." If there is a constant in the Disko B universe, then it is broadening the label family with unique artists.

1.1 Zeitraffer
1.2 Konsumprodukt
1.3 Trans Atlantik
1.4 Watch Me Grow
1.5 Musik Aus Metall
1.6 Android
1.7 Ostsee
1.8 Höhenkammer
1.9 On a Spear
1.10 Zukunft
1.11 Maler
1.12 Zeckenwalzer

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