Foat, Greg / Thorpe, James: Photosynthesis

Foat, Greg / Thorpe, James: Photosynthesis
Title: Photosynthesis
Label: Athens of the North
Product Type: VINYL LP

Athens of the North is very pleased to introduce part two of our nod to the world of library. This time round Greg Foat journeys into the world of synthesis with good friend James Thorpe. This new LP was recorded in the old Bees Studio on the Isle of Wight earlier this year, a special, different piece of work which I was delighted to receive on ¼ inch tape without warning. Greg's output continues to be prolific without ever tiring, he never plays it safe and is always looking forward whilst having an ear for our musical heritage.

1.1 Elementary Physiology, Pt. 1
1.2 Elementary Physiology, Pt. 2
1.3 Balloon Ride
1.4 Circadian Rhythms
1.5 Diametrically Opposed
1.6 Grockle Box
1.7 Living the Dream
1.8 Platform Game, Stacey's Theme
1.9 Photosynthesis
1.10 Chronobiology

Foat, Greg / Thorpe, James: Photosynthesis

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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