Fontanelli / Zapico

Fontanelli / Zapico: Filippo Dalla Casa Collection

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Title: Filippo Dalla Casa Collection
Label: Winter & Winter

Pablo Zapico & Daniel Zapico - archlute and theorbo -discover the so special scores of the probably last compositions written for lute in the change from baroque to classical epoch, collected under the title "Suonate di Celebri Auttori" by the painter and musician Filippo Dalla Casa (1737-1811). Through Dalla Casa's handwriting, fascinating works are saved from oblivion. During his lifetime, the era of the lute came to an end, as the spirit of the classical age demanded new instruments and sounds. The Zapicos awaken these musical treasures by Ludovico Fontanelli, Tommaso Martelli, Giuseppe Vaccari and unknown masters to a refreshing elixir of life.

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