Forest Drive West

Forest Drive West: Parallel Space

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Parallel Space
Label: Echocord
Product Type: VINYL LP

Forest Drive West delivers the Parallel Space EP via Copenhagen's Echocord, backed with a remix from Conforce. London's Forest Drive West has gained widespread recognition as a purveyor of raw and emotive techno over the past few years, releasing material on the likes of Livity Sound, Hidden Hawaii, Neighbourhood, and Whities. Here though see him returning to Echocord following his recent remix of Babe Roots on the imprint earlier this year. "Creation Dub" leads, fusing echoing dub chords and off-kilter drums with cavernous atmospherics and pulsating low-end tones before "Drift" edges into darker territories with murky synth textures, glitched-out percussion, and tension building drones creating a hypnotic and subtly nuanced six-and-a-half minutes. Title-track "Parallel Space" then opens the B-side, bring the rhythmic aspects into the spotlight this time as bumpy broken drums, a rounded sub line and oscillating percussion ebb and flow amongst hazy pads, fluttering echoes and expansive reverbs. Conforce's take on "Parallel Space" rounds out the package next and the Delsin regular delivers a typically classy interpretation with choppy bass stabs dynamically driving the composition as snippets of the original's ethereal textures and spiraling percussion are weaved within.

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