Forgotten Tropics: Ashland Avenue

Forgotten Tropics: Ashland Avenue
Title: Ashland Avenue
Label: Baja Illinois Record

2015 debut EP. The Forgotten Tropics trio - Zachary Roth, Steve Lobkovich, and Christian Flannery - blend prog rock, psychedelia, electronic, and surf influences. Zachary's tormented vocals and shadowy imagery on the record contrast with his high-spirited melodies, deep, grooving bass by Christian, and incisive drumming by Steve. Currently a regular player at venues and events around Chicago, Forgotten Tropics is Ashland Avenue through Baja Illinois Records. "Forgotten Tropics are at their best when they dive into noisy or funky tangents, experimenting with tone in viscerally appealing ways. They lay out compelling rhythms and pull off complex transitions and I liked hearing all of that."

1.1 Bound to Fall (4:44)
1.2 Miscommunication (4:32)
1.3 Away from You (3:39)
1.4 Trap Door (3:53)
1.5 Breaching the Peace (4:22)

Forgotten Tropics: Ashland Avenue

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