Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau: Untitled II / Familaiar Place

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Artist: Fort Romeau

Artist: Fort Romeau
Title: Untitled II / Familaiar Place
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The British talent Fort Romeau gained recognition with his cultivated ear and apprehension of all genres of music, that brought him to add something unique to the widespread spectrum of electronic music, both as a DJ and a producer. "Untitled II" is a luminous house tune, with a soundscape on top that takes you on a journey, while "A Familiar Place" adds a little bit of darkness to the EP. This B-side is made up out of raw elements, a high-tempo kick and hi- hat create a sturdy flow that makes it hard to sit still.

1.1 Untitled II - Fort Romeau
1.2 A Familiar Place - Fort Romeau

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