Fort / Sons De La Nature

Fort / Sons De La Nature: Concerts de la Nuit

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Product Type: CD

Title: Concerts de la Nuit
Label: Fremeaux & Assoc. FR

This double album includes nine long natural concerts recorded at night in stereo, from different parts of the world (Provence, Dombes and Brittany in France and Elbe Island, Sardinia, the Danube Delta, Canada and Kenya). The author, composer Bernard Fort, let's time take it's course in his recordings, allowing the listener to really feel the beauty of nocturnal calm even after the recording is complete. Composer, musician, and musicologist Bernard Fort is the cofounder and has been director of the Groupe musiques vivantes de Lyon since 1976. From 1980 to 1990 he taught electroacoustic music at the Universite Lumiere Lyon, and since 1982 has taught acousmatic composition at the Ecole nationale de musique.

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