Frances Langford

Frances Langford: So Many Memories

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Frances Langford
Title: So Many Memories

22 songs from her peak 1935-40 period! Includes her hits Harbor Lights and So Many Memories, plus Speaking Confidentially (from Every Night at Eight); I Don't Want to Make History (from Palm Springs); Sweet Heartache (from the Hit Parade), and more!

1.1 Speaking Confidentially
1.2 Melody from the Sky
1.3 Silhouetted in the Moonlight
1.4 I Don't Want to Make History
1.5 Rap Tap on Wood
1.6 You Are My Lucky Star
1.7 Sweet Someone
1.8 Harbour Lights
1.9 Swingin' the Jinx Away
1.10 Let's Call a Heart a Heart/So Do I
1.11 Pennies from Heaven
1.12 Sweet Heartache
1.13 I'm Falling in Love with Someone
1.14 So Many Memories
1.15 Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
1.16 Am I Blue?
1.17 If It's the Last Thing I Do
1.18 Everything You Said Came True
1.19 Say It (Over and Over Again)
1.20 Baia
1.21 When Did You Leave Heaven?
1.22 Night and Day

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