Frank Rosaly

Frank Rosaly: Cicada Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Frank Rosaly

Title: Cicada Music
Label: Delmark

Jazz drummer Frank Rosaly's debut album as leader. Cicada Music is an extension of drummer Rosaly's original soundtrack work from the documentary Scrappers, which follows the life of two Chicago recyclers scouring the alleys for scrap metal. Rosaly's music is a meditation on that struggle, the vast complexity of the urban environment and the beauty of human perseverance. Using some of the leading voices in Chicago's free music scene, these 10 tracks feature James Falzone, clarinet; Jason Stein, bass clarinetist; Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, contra-bass clarinet: Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone; Jason Roebke, bass; and Frank Rosaly, drums, electronics.

1.1 The Dark
1.2 Wet Feet Splashing
1.3 Yards
1.4 Babies
1.5 Adrian
1.6 Driven
1.7 Tragically Positive
1.8 Bedbugs
1.9 Typophile/Apples
1.10 Credits

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