Frank Yankovic

Frank Yankovic: Greatest Polka Hits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Frank Yankovic

Artist: Frank Yankovic
Title: Greatest Polka Hits

America's Polka King passed on in 1998 after decades of touring and millions of records sold. His big late-'40s hits Just Because and Blue Skirt Waltz are here in stereo with My Favorite Polka; Ten Swedes; Bar Room Polka; Pretty Music; Mary Jo Waltz; Charlie Was a Boxer; Old Time Flavor; Happy Hour Waltz, and 13 more.

1.1 Just Because
1.2 My Favorite Polka
1.3 Trollie's Polka
1.4 Pretty Polly Polka
1.5 Three Yanks Polka
1.6 Blue Skirt Waltz
1.7 Yankovic's Polka
1.8 Charlie Was a Boxer
1.9 Ten Swedes
1.10 Jo Ann Waltz
1.11 Town Tap Polka
1.12 Pretty Music
1.13 Pete's Polka
1.14 Secretary Polka
1.15 Happy Hour Waltz
1.16 Bar Room Polka
1.17 Who'd Ya Like to Love You
1.18 Baskovic Polka
1.19 Mary Jo Waltz
1.20 Old Time Flavor
1.21 Flutophone Polka
1.22 Carol Ann Polka
1.23 Have Another Drink on Me

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