Franz Waxman

Franz Waxman: Tresors D' Hollywood

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Franz Waxman

Title: Tresors D' Hollywood
Label: RCA Red Seal

1.1 Dodge City
1.2 The Adventures of Robin Hood
1.3 Captain from Castile
1.4 The Death Hunt (From "On Dangerous Ground")
1.5 Opening Sequence: The Twins, Katie Bell, Ashley, Mammy (From "Gone with the Wind")
1.6 Grazioso, Mammy, Ashley, Ashley and Scarlett, Scarlett, Ashley and Melanie Love Theme (From "Gone with the Wind")
1.7 Civil War, Fall of the South, Scarlett Walks Among the Wounded (From "Gone with the Wind")
1.8 True Love, Ashley Returns to Tara from the War, Tara in Ruins (From "Gone with the Wind")
1.9 Apotheosis: Melanie's Death, Scarlett and Rhett, Tara (From "Gone with the Wind")
1.10 Mrs. Dietrichson, the Conspiracy (From "Double Indemnity")
1.11 The Sea; the Lagoon (From "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef")
1.12 Descending (From "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef")
1.13 The Octopus; Homecoming (From "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef")
1.14 The Bride of Frankenstein: The Creation of the Female Monster
2.1 The Philadelphia Story
2.2 Prelude: Xanadu; Snow Picture (From "Citizen Kane")
2.3 Theme and Variations (Breakfast Montage) (From "Citizen Kane")
2.4 Aria from Salammbo (From "Citizen Kane") - Kiri Te Kanawa
2.5 Rosebud and Finale (From "Citizen Kane")
2.6 The Sea Hawk (Suite)
2.7 Cathy's Theme (From "Wuthering Heights")
2.8 King Kong
2.9 Prince Valiant: Suite
2.10 Overture (From "Ivanhoe")
2.11 Love Is for the Very Young (Main Title Theme) (From "The Bad and the Beautiful") - David Raksin
2.12 The Acting Lesson (From "The Bad and the Beautiful") - David Raksin
2.13 The Quickies and the Sneak Preview (From "The Bad and the Beautiful") - David Raksin
2.14 Nocturne and Theme (From "The Bad and the Beautiful") - David Raksin
2.15 The Thing (From Another World): Suite
3.1 20th Century-Fox Fanfare with the Cinemascope Extension and Street Scene
3.2 Casablanca
3.3 The Bottle, First Meeting (From "The Lost Weekend")
3.4 The Mouse and the Bat, Nightmare (From "The Lost Weekend")
3.5 Love Scene and Finale (From "The Lost Weekend")
3.6 Laura (From "Laura") - David Raksin
3.7 Talking Drums; Prelude: The Riverboat; Petticoat Dance; the Safari (From "White Witch Doctor")
3.8 Tarantula; the Lion (From "White Witch Doctor")
3.9 Nocturne (From "White Witch Doctor")
3.10 Abduction of the Bakuba Boy; the Skulls (From "White Witch Doctor")
3.11 Lonni Bound By Ropes; Departure (From "White Witch Doctor")
3.12 A Place in the Sun - Suite
3.13 The Robe
3.14 Cello Concerto in C, Op.37 (From "Deception")
3.15 The Big Sleep: Love Themes
4.1 Universal Pictures Fanfare
4.2 Sunset Boulevard - Suite
4.3 Concerto Macabre for Piano and Orchestra (From "Hangover Square") - Joaquín Achúcarro
4.4 The Big Sky
4.5 The Dream Sequence, the Mountain Lodge (From "Spellbound")
4.6 The Left Hand of God: Love Theme
4.7 The Sun Also Rises
4.8 Anastasia (Main Title)
4.9 The Love of the Princess (From "The Thief of Bagdad")
4.10 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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