Fred Forney: Chasing Horizons

Fred Forney: Chasing Horizons
Title: Chasing Horizons
Label: Oa2

Chasing Horizons is a tight and swinging set of original tunes from Phoenix-based trumpeter and composer Fred Forney and his group of veteran improvisers. The three distinctively unique soloists, Forney, pianist Chuck Marohnic, and saxophonist Brice Winston, explore compositions that are modern, haunting, introspective, yet all interestingly catchy. "Wonderfully eloquent and innovative..." - International Trumpet Guild. "Forney sorts through his lush lexicon of trumpet tones and statements like a writer immersed in creation, selecting only the most suitably beautiful phrases and inflections." - American Jazz Symposium.

1.1 Nearly Human
1.2 Astoria
1.3 Chasing Horizons
1.4 Meditation No. 1
1.5 Fireflys
1.6 Mystic
1.7 Simplest Things

Fred Forney: Chasing Horizons

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