Freddy Loco & the Gordo's Ska Band

Freddy Loco & the Gordo's Ska Band: Satellites

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Artist: Freddy Loco & the Gordo's Ska Band
Title: Satellites

Earlier this year, when Nico sent Freddy's recordings to me, I was having a dry spell" - I had written only one tune in over a year. Mixing this record in the studio, I really enjoyed how the musical form and harmony have to bend to the will of the melody.

1.1 The Day I Meet You Again
1.2 Over the Rainbow
1.3 Eisogie
1.4 What's Happening to Me?
1.5 Ghost Hotel
1.6 Ska Bobodi'boo
1.7 It's Too Late
1.8 You Never Know!
1.9 Big Minutes
1.10 Gonna Rock
1.11 The Only Way
1.12 Waiting for You
1.13 You'll Not Sleep
1.14 Aka Blues
1.15 Have a Drink?
1.16 Aka Dub

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