French Kiwi Juice

French Kiwi Juice: Ylang Ylang

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Ylang Ylang
Label: Mom & Pop Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. EP release. French producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton, aka FKJ, is proud to announce Ylang Ylang: it is the product of a tumultuous 2019, which saw FKJ move across the world in search of a change in environment and a new lifestyle. Ahead of the release, FKJ released lead single 'Risk' featuring the inimitable talent of Dreamville signed (J Cole, Ari Lennox and J.I.D.) rapper Bas. The collaboration was born from an emotionally complex time for FKJ- it is an expression of feeling and catharsis. 'Risk' fuses FKJ's blissful productions with the heady wordplay of Bas. It is a gorgeous collaboration and a striking example of FKJ's skill as both an artist and a producer. It is the sound of FKJ at his most intimate and stripped back- spiralling solos are supplanted by skeletal beats and hushed vocals. Title track 'Ylang Ylang' is representative of FKJ's feelings whilst creating the EP: it begins as an elegiac piano instrumental before graceful electronics are added to the track. It's the sound of technical wizardry being bypassed for emotional complexity.

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