Fugazi: Instrument (Original Soundtrack)

Fugazi: Instrument (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Instrument (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Dischord

Fugazi needs no introduction but this new album does however. Fugazi has just completed a documentary film/video called "instrument" in collaboration with indi filmmaker, Jem Cohen. The feature-length project contains footage shot in a variety of formats over the last 10 years combing concert, tour and studio material. Though the live, in concert songs from the soundtrack will instead focus on 18 songs culled from a decades worth of demos, studio tracks and various practice tapes, none of which have been previously released. Track highlights include: "Lusty Scripps," "Arpeggiator Demo," "Swingset," "I'm So Tired," " Closed Captioned Demo," "Slo Crostick," "Turkish Disco," "Me and Thumbelina" and more!

1.1 Pink Frosty Demo
1.2 Lusty Scripps
1.3 Arpeggiator Demo
1.4 Afterthought
1.5 Trio's
1.6 Turkish Disco
1.7 Me and Thumbelina
1.8 Floating Boy Demo
1.9 Link Track
1.10 Little Debbie
1.11 H. B
1.12 I'm So Tired
1.13 Rend It Demo
1.14 Closed Captioned Demo
1.15 Guilford Fall Demo
1.16 Swingset
1.17 Shaken All Over
1.18 Slo Crostic

Fugazi: Instrument (Original Soundtrack)

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