Funeral Bitch

Funeral Bitch: 80's Demos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Funeral Bitch

Title: 80's Demos
Label: Vic

Archive release containing cult '80s demos by Funeral Bitch featuring Paul Speckmann (Master, Deathstrike, Abomination). After Master broke up in 1986, Paul Speckmann didn't lose much time finding new musicians to play with. Paul formed Funeral Bitch with Alex Olvera and Pete Thomson and they released two demo tapes. Funeral Bitch was faster than Master (or even Deathstrike), even reaching proto grind/blastbeat speeds. Bonus to the two demos comes the gig in Exit, Chicago 22nd of September 1987. They played most of the two demos plus some Master/Deathstrike songs as well as a few untitled and unreleased tracks. The quality might not be that great, but it's the only Funeral Bitch live recording with Mr. Paul Speckmann from the '80s. Remastered at Suncord Audiolab, January 2020 (Varathron, Gomorrah). Amazing cover art by Richard Schouten (Achrosticon, Master Antropomorphia, Massacre).

1.1 Master
1.2 Unknown Soldier
1.3 Mangled Dehumanisation
1.4 Ral Bitch
1.5 Terrorizer
1.6 Pledge of Alliance
2.1 Re-Entry and Destruction
2.2 Constant Quarrel
2.3 Judgment of Will
2.4 Submerged in Sin
2.5 Cut Through the Filth

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