Future Museums: Rosewater Ceremony

Future Museums: Rosewater Ceremony
Title: Rosewater Ceremony
Label: Holodeck Records
Product Type: CASSETTES

CASSETTE. Future Museums is the long running project of multi-instrumentalist Neil Lord (member of Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash), and on this album, he expands the scope of his classically hypnotic motifs using warm and familiar New Age tones. Pulsing analog synth bass and percussion drive the rhythm of Rosewater Ceremony, creating a foundation for Lord's vaporous pad swells and elegant guitar leads to breathe in and out organically. His attention to mood encourages the relinquishment of the self and relaxes the listener into a tension-free audio cleansing. Songs like "Natural Pulse" and "Rebirth of Empathy" are isolated islands, sheltered from the unrelenting commotion of the outside world. Lord's vast and weightless sound design seeks to nurture internal peace and clarity. The song "Low Visibility Clearing" dissolves the mind's artificial barriers and seamlessly blends the music into one's own inner dialogue. The graceful compositions on Rosewater Ceremony are precisely crafted to provide seclusion for the landscape within and profound enrichment for the soul. Carefully balancing minimalism and beauty, Future Museums creates an inspiring sphere of meditative harmony for his Holodeck Records debut.

1.1 Aura Display
1.2 Orbit Collapse
1.3 Natural Pulse
1.4 Cosmic Winds Reprise
1.5 Rage Into Progress
1.6 Low Visibility Clearing
1.7 Hang Low
1.8 Moon
1.9 Rebirth of Empathy

Future Museums: Rosewater Ceremony

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