Fuzzy Hawkins

Fuzzy Hawkins: I Got My Thang Together: Westbound Years

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Artist: Fuzzy Hawkins

Artist: Fuzzy Hawkins
Title: I Got My Thang Together: Westbound Years

2017 collection. One of the original members of Parliament, and an integral voice on Funkadelic's ground-breaking series of albums for Westbound, Fuzzy Haskins also made two solo sets for that label. They contain some of the finest P-Funk-related music and are a must for fans of the Parliafunkadelicment Thang. This compilation - compiled by P-Funk expert Marcel Visser - selects the best music from his two albums, "A Whole Nother Thang" and "Radio Active", as well as previously new-to-CD 12-inch versions of 'I Think I Got My Thang Together' and 'Not Yet', and a previously unreleased mix of 'Which Way Do I Disco'. Haskins was joined on the LPs by most of the P-Funk crew including Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Gary Shider, Tiki Fulwood and Cordell "Boogie" Mosson. They lay down tight grooves, with the open drums on 'The Fuzz & Da Boog' being some of the most sampled in music, used by amongst others Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Beck, Ice T and Cypress Hill.

1.1 Gettin' It Off (Instrumental)
1.2 Cookie Jar (Different Version)
1.3 Mr. Junk Man
1.4 I Think I Got My Thang Together
1.5 This Situation Called Love
1.6 Thangs We Used to Do
1.7 Which Way Do I Disco
1.8 Sometimes I Rock 'N Roll
1.9 Not Yet
1.10 Right Back Where I Started from
1.11 I Can See Myself in You
1.12 The Fuz and Da Boog
1.13 Sinderilla
1.14 I'll Be Loving You
1.15 Gimme Back (Some of the Love You Got from Me)
1.16 Silent Day

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