G. Holst

G. Holst: Double Concerto St Paul's Suite

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Product Type: CD
Artist: G. Holst

Title: Double Concerto St Paul's Suite
Label: Naxos

The English composer Gustav Holst served for many years as director of music at St Paul' Girls' School in London, and it was for the pupils there that he wrote his St Paul' Suite, his most famous work for amateurs.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Air
1.3 Dance
1.4 Jig: Vivace
1.5 Ostinato: Presto
1.6 Intermezzo: Andante Con Moto - Vivace
1.7 Finale (The Dargason): Allegro
1.8 Moderato
1.9 Adagio
1.10 Allegro
1.11 Scherzo: Allegro
1.12 Lament: Andante
1.13 Variations on a Ground: Allegro

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