Galactic: Crazyhorse Mongoose / Coolin Off

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Galactic

Title: Crazyhorse Mongoose / Coolin Off
Label: Floating World

Two CD set. Galactic, an American jam band, were formed in 1994 in New Orleans. Their music is an combination of hip hop, electronic, world, rock, funk, blues and jazz making their sound truly unique Coolin' Off, their debut originally released in 1996, was a stunning first album and features many instrumentals with a sound straight out of the '70s with bass lines merged with horns and wah-wah's. Crazyhorse Mongoose, originally released in 1998, continues the same groove as Coolin' Off but is considered the better album.

1.1 Hamps Hump
1.2 Love on the Run
1.3 Crazyhorse Mongoose
1.4 Witch Doctor
1.5 Metermaid
1.6 Change My Ways Part 1
1.7 Change My Ways Part 2
1.8 Dennys Village Rundown
1.9 Tighten Your Wig
1.10 Cafe Declouet
1.11 Start from Scratch
1.12 Quiet Please
1.13 Get a Head on

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