Galileo 7: There Is Only Now

Galileo 7: There Is Only Now
Title: There Is Only Now
Label: Damaged Goods
Product Type: VINYL LP

Heritage can be a harsh mistress. Ex-This, formerly of That. Past acclaim - particularly when it's attached to some of the most visceral and elemental rock 'n' roll of one's generation - can become both a help and a hindrance; impossible to shake off but crucial to continued acceptance in the fickle world of pop music. Not that this is any concern of The Galileo 7 of course. As the title of their sixth album proudly proclaims, There Is Only Now, and this record is nothing if not Now! From humble beginnings 10 years ago as a DIY outlet for Allan Crockford's songwriting ambitions (he was rarely afforded such luxuries as bass-wielding anchorman of The Prisoners, JTQ, Prime Movers, Solarflares et al) The Galileo 7 has evolved into a powerhouse live act delivering the kind of lysergically-inclined technicolour garage-rock rarely witnessed these days; one born of experience, exploration and an enjoyment of one's own craft. Following a period of fluctuation, the present line-up stabilised around Crockford (vocals, guitar), Paul Moss (bass, vocals), Viv Bonsels (keyboard, vocals) and the busiest man in garage, Matthew 'Mole' Lambert (drums, vocals) - yep, there are a lot of vocals in the mix here and the record is all the brighter for it. The G7's long-players since 2016's storming "live in the studio" set Live-O-Graphic have carried way more clout as a result of this newfound energy, breathing fresh life into Crockford's songs as the songs themselves delve ever more skilfully into a pool populated with Dandyish psychedelic pop, British Invasion muscle, new-wave sparkle and that ever-present Medway magic

1.1 Too Late
1.2 There Is Only Now
1.3 Slipping Away
1.4 Let Go
1.5 The World Looks Different Today
1.6 Looking Up
1.7 The Last Hours of Aldous Huxley
1.8 Crooked Smile
1.9 I Dream of Sleep
1.10 Dandy in Aspic
1.11 (I've Got Them Old) Microcosmic Blues (Again)

Galileo 7: There Is Only Now

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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