Gang of Four: Entertainment

Gang of Four: Entertainment
Title: Entertainment
Label: Rhino
Product Type: VINYL LP

Punk-band politics, funk-band bass and slashing guitars didn't always go together-but they very often did after Gang of Four unleashed their 1979 debut. Punk, post-punk, punk-funkcall it what you will, but call it a classic, as that's what "Entertainment!" is, and it still positively leaps out of the speakers with edge, attitude, invention and catchiness, too. The album that countless bands wish they'd made is here on import vinyl: "Natural's Not It," "Not Great Men," "Ether," "Damaged Goods," "Anthrax," "Return the Gift," "At Home He's a Tourist" and more! Rhino UK.

1.1 Ether
1.2 Natural's Not in It
1.3 Not Great Men
1.4 Damaged Goods
1.5 Return the Gift
1.6 Guns Before Butter
1.7 I Found That Essence Rare
1.8 Glass
1.9 Contract
1.10 At Home He's a Tourist
1.11 5-45
1.12 Love Like Anthrax
1.13 I Found That Essence Rare
1.14 Glass
1.15 Contract
1.16 At Home He's a Tourist
1.17 5.45
1.18 Love Like Anthrax

Gang of Four: Entertainment

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