Gary "G" Jenkins

Gary "G" Jenkins: The Other Side

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Gary "G" Jenkins
Title: The Other Side

Formerly known as Lil G from Keith Sweat's R&B group Silk & now a solo artist, Gary evolved musically & vocally to become a fully rounded singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist & producer.

1.1 One and Only
1.2 Ev'rybody Dreams
1.3 Door
1.4 Friday Night
1.5 Boojyhettoness
1.6 Dance with Me
1.7 Lovin' Me
1.8 Goes ; Comes
1.9 Make the Sound
1.10 So Sexy
1.11 So Free
1.12 Moved on
1.13 Change Ganna on
1.14 Other Side
1.15 U Keep on

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