Gary Wilson: Fake News Trending

Gary Wilson: Fake News Trending
Title: Fake News Trending
Label: O Genesis
Product Type: VINYL LP

R. Stevie Moore and Gary Wilson have recorded Fake News Trending - their first-ever collaborative album together. The historic and long-awaited collaboration is big and welcome news around the world for fans of both of these DIY/underground music legends. Although their separate and compelling stories have included sporadic intersections (both made repeated appearances in vintage Trouser Press editions, and they have also shared the bill at live shows in New York and Los Angeles), Fake News Trending is the kindred duo's only recorded work together. While both Wilson and Moore are already touted by an illustrious roster of artists that includes Ariel Pink, Tyler the Creator, Beck, Questlove, Henry Rollins, Earl Sweatshirt, and Jello Biafra, Fake News Trending is a crucial contribution to both artists' bodies of work. The album not only cements their legendary status within underground circles, but will also surely reach new and appreciate fans around the globe in the months and years to come.

1.1 Hey Gary (Have You Seen My Girl)
1.2 Space Down (It's Friday Night)
1.3 Let's Take a Ride Into Outer Space (Feat. Jason Falkner)
1.4 Walkaway Bounce
1.5 When I Hear That Beep (Feat Jerry Solomon)
1.6 Gary Lives in a Weird, Weird World
1.7 On Our Side (Feat. Jad Fair ; Pall Jenkins)
1.8 The Wind It Knows a Thousand Dreams
1.9 See You Soon (Part 1)
1.10 Gary ; Stevie's Rock N Roll Show
1.11 See You Soon (Part 2)
1.12 If I Could Be with You (Feat Jimmy Whispers)
1.13 French Fries ; Gravy in Johnson City
1.14 The Birds ; the Squirrel
1.15 Do You Know Who I Am? (Feat. Karen Centrefold ; Bebe McPherson)

Gary Wilson: Fake News Trending

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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