Gas vs Lino Pugliese

Gas vs Lino Pugliese: Split EP

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Split EP
Label: Cadenza
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Italian producers Enrico Gasperini aka gAs and Lino Pugliese's split 12 opens with gAs's Rack Attack, on which woody hits and scattering hi-hats groove alongside gentle keys and a stuttering synthesizer riff, and his undeniably funky Agogo, which features incessant spongy stabs and frenzied percussion. Pugliese's Banging On Your Door (following 2014 releases on Memento Records and Cadenza Lab) has a percussive swing not too dissimilar from The Stones' Sympathy for the Devil alongside low-frequency synthesizer sweeps and distant vocals. Aniwama fuses melodious piano and clanging ride cymbals with low-end sonics, perfect as both a mood-setting piece and a peak time genre-shifter.

1.1 Gas - Rack Attack
1.2 Gas - Agogo
1.3 Lino Pugliese - Banging on Your Door
1.4 Lino Pugliese - Aniwama

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