Gaslini / Monarda / Scazzatta

Gaslini / Monarda / Scazzatta: Plexiglas

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Product Type: CD

Title: Plexiglas
Label: Urania

From the desk of Giorgio Gaslini, here we introduce a love story between the voice and the guitar. A story described inside the Sei Interludi has been recorded for the first time on this release, in which you will find both rarified and crystalline atmospheres as well as the bluesy soul of Gaslini with his more sensual, whirling and mystical sounds. Giorgio Gaslini, Italian jazz artist, was a prolific pianist and bandleader whose improvisations and compositions embraced jazz-song forms as well as folk tunes, popular music, ballets, symphonic works, and operas in fusions that he called "total music." Gaslini, a pioneer of post-World War II modern jazz in Italy, was a versatile performer whose recordings included works by the early-jazz composer Jelly Roll Morton, maverick pianists Thelonious Monk and Sun Ra, and classical composers Giuseppi Verdi and Robert Schumann, among others.

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