Gaye Adegbalola: Blues in All Flavors

Gaye Adegbalola: Blues in All Flavors
Title: Blues in All Flavors
Label: Hot Toddy

Award-winning blues veteran Gaye Adegbalola is best known as the founding member and vivacious lead singer of influential blues band Saffire the Uppity Blues Woman. With her first children's album BLUES IN ALL FLAVORS, she channels her flair for colorful performance and robust singing into a fun album of music that samples blues music in several different contexts, including rock & roll, Piedmont blues, boogie-woogie and reggae, among others. The songs all focus on p'sitive behavioral traits, like œThe Thank You So g, a Delta blues number with a catchy chorus about usage of œPlease and œThank You. Another, œBlues for Your Greens is an infectious blues rock groove about the virtues of broccoli and œIt Hurts digs deep down with some old-fashioned Chicago Blues for those times when life get you down. A fun, creative album that simultaneo sly teaches about music and promotes positive development.

1.1 The Sunshine Shake
1.2 Blues for the Greens
1.3 The Cleanest Kid
1.4 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
1.5 Please, Please, Please, Please
1.6 The Thank You Song
1.7 Grandma ; Grandpa's Hous
1.8 Stop That Bully
1.9 It Hurts (The Picked Last Song
1.10 The Kindness Song
1.11 Don't-Be-Moody-Do-Yo'-Duty Song
1.12 Hand Jivin'
1.13 The Recycle Song
1.14 What a Wonderful World

Gaye Adegbalola: Blues in All Flavors

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