Gene Clark

Gene Clark: Roadmaster

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Artist: Gene Clark

Artist: Gene Clark
Title: Roadmaster

Gene recorded eight tracks of longing, introspection and country-rock splendor in'72, only to see them ultimately abandoned. Gene's manager took the tracks, added three unissued ones, and got them released in '73-but in Europe only (U.S. fans discovered them later); these almost-lost treasures include Once in a Hundred; Here Tonight; Full Circle Song; in a Misty Morning; Rough and Rocky, and more!

1.1 She's the Kind of Girl
1.2 One in a Hundred
1.3 Here Tonight
1.4 Full Circle Song
1.5 In a Misty Morning
1.6 Rough and Rocky
1.7 Roadmaster
1.8 I Really Don't Want to Know
1.9 I Remember the Railroad
1.10 She Don't Care About Time
1.11 Shooting Star

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