Gene & Eunice

Gene & Eunice: This Is It

$7.73 $8.99
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Gene & Eunice

Title: This Is It
Label: Koko-Mojo
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

A couple in real life and together on record, you can catch their harmonious feeling on these four rockers, three of which are duets. A piano and saxophone set the pace and tempo and our sweethearts jump into the rhythm and rock with grace 'Bom Bom Lulu', is a song with semi-nonsense lyrics but who cares our feet cannot stay still! A term often used in blues 'Hootchy Kootchy', becomes a swaying mambo number and offers two contrasting top sides. Fans will know the important of Kokomo and the pair reprises the title as 'Go On Kokomo', a blues infected swaying rocker blended with West Indies cadence. To close 'Send Me Someone', which is a solo single issued under the name Eunice Levy, the backing is a mix of electric blues guitar and swinging New Orleans style rhythm 'n' blues. Our song thrush takes on the tune with style as she belts out the emotion of the song.

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