Gene Tracy Jr

Gene Tracy Jr: Ladies Man

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gene Tracy Jr

Artist: Gene Tracy Jr
Title: Ladies Man

1.1 Eat a Beaver/Love at First Sight/Airline Stewardess/New
1.2 What the Banana Said/Lawyer and Hooker/Acapulco Hooker/Mike Is Ugly
1.3 Man Stranded with 6 Women/Ladies' Man/Horny Truck Driver/Stranded
1.4 A Moral Life/Worst You've Got/Americans on Vacation/Loan Shark/Tour
1.5 New Poems/Nudist Colony/3 Double Scotches/Overweight American/75
1.6 Women's Guild/I'm the Best/In Kentucky
1.7 Female Executive
1.8 Two Statues
1.9 Ladies' Man
1.10 Horny Truck Driver
1.11 Truck Driver in Whore House
1.12 Loan Shark
1.13 Family Wedding
1.14 On Vacation
1.15 Overnight American
1.16 In Kentucky

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