General Magic & Pita: Fridge Trax Plus

General Magic & Pita: Fridge Trax Plus
Title: Fridge Trax Plus
Label: Editions Mego
Product Type: VINYL LP

2015 20th anniversary reissue of the two milestone releases that kickstarted the entire Mego/Editions Mego imprint and initial aesthetic in 1995. This deluxe reissue brings together the first Mego release, Fridge Trax, and the full-length album that followed, Live and Final Fridge, originally released on Source Records. Made by the founders of the initial Mego label, Peter Rehberg (Pita) and Andreas Pieper and Ramon Bauer (General Magic), these recordings are legendary in their execution. It was these pioneering releases, along with the earlier Warp and Sähkö output, that really pushed abstraction squarely into the formally safe realm of dance music. The results were among the most influential musical offerings of the period and the paths laid out have been traversed by many a sonic explorer since. Both the EP and full-length were made by placing microphones in a fridge to harvest the unusual microscopic sound-world within. The resulting hums, buzzes, flickers, and icy drones were then reassembled and reconstructed to make an assortment of tracks that range from rhythmic, ambient, and glacial straight on through to the downright bizarre. Fridge Trax is landmark release, a white good rearranged as awry ambience and freak funk. Written, produced, and performed by General Magic & Pita. Remastered and cut by CGB at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, December 2014. Artwork by Tina Frank. A1-B2 recorded October 1994 at Mego Studio, Berlin, and released as Fridge Trax (Mego, MEGO 001), May 1995; B3 recorded September 1995 at Mego Studio, Berlin; B4-C4 recorded live, 6 AM-7 AM, July 10, 1995, Interference Festival/Love Parade, Berlin; D1-D2 recorded October 1995 at Mego Studio, Wien; B3-D2 released as Live and Final Fridge (Source Records, CD 960125), June 1996.

1.1 A1. Deep Fridge
1.2 A2. Dope Fridge
1.3 B1. Funk Fridge
1.4 B2. Theme Fridge
1.5 B3. Thaw Fridge
1.6 B4. Spring Fridge
1.7 B5. Deeper Fridge
2.1 C1. Shuffle Fridge
2.2 C2. Phunk Fridge
2.3 C3. Cool Fridge
2.4 C4. Ding Fridge
2.5 D1. Raw Fridge
2.6 D2. Final Fridge

General Magic & Pita: Fridge Trax Plus

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