Genesis: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

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Artist: Genesis

Artist: Genesis
Title: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Digitally remastered two CD edition of this classic 1974 album from one of Rock's most successful bands featuring new stereo mixes of all tracks. From their Progressive Rock beginnings to their commercial superstardom, Genesis created some of the most challenging, creative and rewarding albums of their generation. This edition allows the listener to experience the album as never before! 23 tracks including 'Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats', 'Fly on a Windshield', 'Counting Out Time' and 'Broadway Melody of 1974'. EMI. 2009.

1.1 Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
1.2 Fly on a Windshield
1.3 Broadway Melody of 1974
1.4 Cuckoo Cocoon
1.5 In the Cage
1.6 Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
1.7 Back in NYC
1.8 Hairless Heart
1.9 Counting Out Time
1.10 Carpet Crawlers
1.11 Chamber of 32 Doors
2.1 Lilywhite Lilith
2.2 Waiting Room
2.3 Anyway
2.4 Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist
2.5 Lamia
2.6 Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
2.7 Colony of Slipperman
2.8 Ravine
2.9 Light Dies Down on Broadway
2.10 Riding the Scree
2.11 In the Rapids
2.12 It

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