Geoff Reacher: Avec Reacher C'est Plus Sur

Geoff Reacher: Avec Reacher C&
Title: Avec Reacher C'est Plus Sur
Label: Orange Twin

A relentless recombinator and savvy songwriter, Geoff Reacher has been chasing a defiantly idiosyncratic electro-country vision for about fifteen years now. His Orange Twin debut is an LED-illuminated haze of caustic, beat driven hallucinations about girls and death soaked in classic country, pre-war blues, experimental electronics and rap.

1.1 Hidden Meaning
1.2 You Like My Song
1.3 Look Me in the Eye
1.4 Lonesome Engineer
1.5 Ride to the Grave
1.6 Hard to Believe
1.7 Snarling Wheels of Sin
1.8 My Heart's a Rocket
1.9 Necromancer
1.10 Customer Service

Geoff Reacher: Avec Reacher C'est Plus Sur

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