George Harrison: Wonderwall Music

George Harrison: Wonderwall Music
Title: Wonderwall Music
Label: Capitol
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Released in November 1968, George Harrison's Wonderwall Music was the first solo album released by a member of The Beatles and the first LP to be released by Apple Records. The soundtrack music for director Joe Massot's debut feature-length film, Wonderwall, the predominantly instrumental album is an intricate, vibrant tapestry of Western rock music and compositions in an Indian classical style. In 1992, George recalled, 'I decided to do it as a mini-anthology of Indian music, because I wanted to help turn the public on to Indian music.' Harrison's main collaborator on the project was classical pianist and orchestral arranger John Barham, while other contributors include Indian classical musicians Aashish Khan, Shivkumar Sharma, Shankar Ghosh and Mahapurush Misra. Harrison also recorded Western rock music selections for the album, which feature contributions from Tony Ashton and the latter's band, the Remo Four, as well as guest appearances from Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and Peter Tork.

1.1 Microbes
1.2 Red Lady Too
1.3 Tabla and Pakavaj
1.4 In the Park
1.5 Drilling a Home
1.6 Guru Vandana
1.7 Greasy Legs
1.8 Ski-Ing
1.9 Gat Kirwani
1.10 Dream Scene
2.1 Party Seacombe
2.2 Love Scene
2.3 Crying
2.4 Cowboy Music
2.5 Fantasy Sequins
2.6 On the Bed
2.7 Glass Box
2.8 Wonderwall to Be Here
2.9 Singing Om

George Harrison: Wonderwall Music

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