Gerard Cousins

Gerard Cousins: Glass: Escape

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gerard Cousins

Title: Glass: Escape
Label: Orange Mountain

2020 release. Guitarist Gerard Cousins's Escape features arrangements for solo guitar of Philip Glass's best known music. Appropriately, Cousins starts with a flowing account of 'Opening', the first track from Glass's iconic 1983 album Glassworks, designed to introduce the public to the composer's music. Cousins follows the mood with four tracks from Glass's piano pieces Metamorphosis, the second of which, 'Metamorphosis No.2', became the basis for the piece 'Escape!' from the Oscar-nominated score to The Hours. The album concludes with 'Knee Play 2' from Glass's 1976 opera Einstein on the Beach, a landmark of 20th century theater, and finally 'Truman Sleeps' from Glass's Golden Globe-winning score to The Truman Show.

1.1 Opening
1.2 Metamorphosis 1
1.3 Escape
1.4 Metamorphosis 3
1.5 Metamorphosis 5
1.6 Knee Play Two
1.7 Truman Sleeps

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