Geto Boys

Geto Boys: Resurrection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Geto Boys

Title: Resurrection
Label: Rap-A-Lot

The Geto Boys name is synonymous with hardcore rap; beginning with their self-titled 1990 debut, the trio has taken the genre to new extremes, establishing their Houston hometown as a hip hop flashpoint. The Resurrection reunites the original group (Scarface, Bush wick Bill and Willie-D, who found recent success as solo artists) for their first album in 3 years. Two lead singles: "The World Is a Geto" and "Geto Boys & Girls," both accompanied by videos.

1.1 Ghetto Prisoner
1.2 Still
1.3 World Is a Ghetto
1.4 Open Minded - DMG, Geto Boys
1.5 Killer for Scratch
1.6 Hold It Down - Facemob, Geto Boys
1.7 Blind Leading the Blind - Geto Boys, Menace Clan
1.8 First Light of the Day
1.9 Time Taker
1.10 Geto Boys and Girls
1.11 Geto Fantasy
1.12 I Just Wanna Die
1.13 Niggas and Flies
1.14 Visit with Larry Hoover
1.15 Point of No Return

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