Ghezzi / Cascio / Cigna

Ghezzi / Cascio / Cigna: Salmi a Due Voci / Dialogi Sagri

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Artist: Ghezzi / Cascio / Cigna
Title: Salmi a Due Voci / Dialogi Sagri

This double album dedicated to Psalms and Dialogues (released after the 4-album release titled Oratori, Mottetti e Lamentazioni) is completing the opera omnia of sacred works hitherto known by the Augustinian friar Ippolito Ghezzi. Within these recordings, the Cappella Musicale di San Giacomo Maggiore in Bologna led by Roberto Cascio is revealing to us a prolific and talented composer, endowed with technique, inventiveness, and happy melodic vein. The Cappella Musicale San Giacomo Maggiore was founded in 2006 with the aim of reviving the unpublished scores of the many composers who belonged to the order of the Augustinian fathers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Among the ensemble's performers are renowned theorists such as Lodovico Zacconi and composers like Ippolito Ghezzi, Guglielmo Lipparini and Tiburzio Massaini. The Cappella Musica, with it's research and restoration work, intends to contribute to the rediscovery of the Italian historical and musical heritage.

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