Giancarlo Guerrero

Giancarlo Guerrero: Metropolis Symphony Deux Ex Machina

$9.83 $11.99

Artist: Giancarlo Guerrero
Title: Metropolis Symphony Deux Ex Machina

Inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of Superman' first appearance in the comics, Metropolis Symphony has been performed by orchestras all over the world. Hailed by the London Times as a "Symphonie Fantastique for our times."

1.1 I. Lex 00:10:01
1.2 II. Krypton 00:06:46
1.3 III. Mxyzptlk 00:07:02
1.4 IV. Oh, Lois! 00:05:05
1.5 V. Red Cape Tango 00:13:41
1.6 I. Fast Forward (Di Andata Veloce) 00:07:40
1.7 II. Train of Tears 00:14:17
1.8 III. Night Steam 00:11:22

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