Gin Blossoms

Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience: Rarities Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gin Blossoms

Title: New Miserable Experience: Rarities Edition
Label: A&M

Rarities edition.

1.1 From the Up and Crumbling Ep (1991) Keli Richards
1.2 Just South of Nowhere
1.3 Angels Tonight
1.4 Nme Album Outtake (1992) Blue Eyes Bleeding
1.5 From the Shut Up and Smoke Ep (1993) Soul Deep
1.6 Heart Away
1.7 Cold River Dick
1.8 Christine Irene
1.9 Number One (Outtake)
1.10 Rare and Live Tracks Idiot Summer (From the Waynes World 2 Soundtrack)
1.11 Back of a Car (Recorded for the Big Star Tribute Album (1993))
1.12 Allison Road (94 Remix)
1.13 Hold Me Down (Live in Solana Beach, Ca (1993))
1.14 Hey Jealousy (Live in Solana Beach, Ca (1993))
1.15 Mrs. Rita (Live in Solana Beach, Ca (1993))
1.16 29 (Live in Solana Beach, Ca (1993))
1.17 Folsom Prison Blues (Live in Solana Beach, Ca (1993))
1.18 Nme (Alternate Album Track (1992)) Pieces of the Night (With Piano)
1.19 Pieces of the Night [ (With Piano Ending)] [Alternate Take]

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