Gjallarhorn: Nordheim

Gjallarhorn: Nordheim
Title: Nordheim
Label: Dragonheart Italy

Born by a rib of Doomsword, Gjallarhorn falls in the line side by side with all those bands who celebrated the glory of those days in which the Vikings changed the whole of Europe. Bathory, Falkenbach, Amon Amarth, Enslaved and even DoomSword is what you can hear through the chants contained in "Nordheim", a journey through the history and the legends of the last great Pagan Horde the world witnessed. Nordheim" is a true epic Viking metal masterpiece, the celebration of northern Europe ancient mythology with majestic atmospheres and powerful sounds. The album is constituted by long songs, with the mighty "Ragnarok" suite as the stand out cut of the whole work.

1.1 The Plane of Vigrid
1.2 The Day Adin Stood Still Ragnarok
1.3 Blood Over Asgaard
1.4 Chaos Unleashed
1.5 Ragnarok
1.6 200 Years of Fury

Gjallarhorn: Nordheim

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