Glass / Horvath: Glass: Piano Works, Vol. 3

Glass / Horvath: Glass: Piano Works, Vol. 3
Title: Glass: Piano Works, Vol. 3
Label: Grand Piano

This program reverses time, revealing the Metamorphosis in Glass's work from his 1980s film and theatre transcriptions, through The Olympian composed for the Los Angeles Olympiad, to rarities such as the dream-like Coda. The Trilogy Sonata highlights Glass's renowned operas from the celebratory Akhnaten Dance to the stately Satyagraha and landmark Einstein on the Beach. The dazzling pulse-patterns of Two Pages make it a milestone of minimalism, while the Sonatina No. 2 is a pre-minimalist work composed when Glass was a student of Darius Milhaud at Juilliard.

1.1 Metamorphosis I
1.2 Metamorphosis II
1.3 Metamorphosis III
1.4 Metamorphosis IV
1.5 Metamorphosis V
1.6 The Olympian - Lighting of the Torch and Closing
1.7 III. Akhnaten, Act II, Scene 3: Dance
1.8 Coda
1.9 II. Satyagraha, Act III: Conclusion
1.10 A Secret Solo
1.11 I. Einstein on the Beach: Knee Play No. 4
1.12 Two Pages
1.13 Piano Sonatina No. 2

Glass / Horvath: Glass: Piano Works, Vol. 3

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