Glenn Astro

Glenn Astro: The Taurus

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Artist: Glenn Astro

Artist: Glenn Astro
Title: The Taurus
Product Type: VINYL LP

Raw, soulful, and agitating: Glenn Astro, the humble house sorcerer from Berlin, produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for Mule Musiq that show house music is still heading for the future. With countless EPs, albums, and collaborations for labels like Ninja Tune, Tartlet, or his own imprint $ex Records, the DJ and producer already emphasized that he thinks house counter to the trend. The Taurus EP shows this anew with unpolished, speedy, even techno-like rhythms, and deep gentle melodies. Dance music for jagged movers that have enough of high gloss sounds. Glenn Astro delivers some fresh grooving prayers.

1.1 Sample This Intro
1.2 Der Schummler Dub
1.3 Le Troisième Oeil
1.4 Chubble Gum
1.5 Billiger Als Umsonst

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