Global Stage Orchestra

Global Stage Orchestra: Music from Pirates of Caribbean

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Product Type: CD

Title: Music from Pirates of Caribbean
Label: Deluxe Holland

Ahoy, matey! This here be a three CD set featuring the Global Stage Orchestra performing the scores to all three of Disney's blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean films. AAAAAARGH! It's subtitle is Never Trust a Pirate, but you can trust that this triple disc set, which be housed in a fancy digipak, is worth more than them thar pieces of eight that ye carry in yer pocket! Buy it now or methinks you'll be walkin' the plank by nightfall! BCD. 2007.

1.1 The Medallion Calls (Disc 01)
1.2 Fog Bound
1.3 Will and Elizabeth
1.4 The Black Pearl
1.5 Sword Crossed
1.6 Walk the Plank
1.7 Barbossa Is Hungry
1.8 Blood Ritual
1.9 Moonlight Serenade
1.10 To the Pirates' Cave
1.11 Underwater March
1.12 He's a Pirate
1.13 The Kraken (Disc 02)
1.14 Jack Sparrow
1.15 I've Got My Eye on You
1.16 Davy Jones
1.17 Dinner Is Served
1.18 Tia Dalma
1.19 Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)
1.20 A Family Affair
1.21 Wheel of Fortune
1.22 He's a Pirate - Remix
1.23 You Look Good Jack
1.24 Hello Beastie
1.25 At Wit's End (Disc 03)
1.26 Singapore
1.27 Up Is Down
1.28 Multiple Jacks
1.29 I See Dead People in Boats
1.30 The Brethren Court
1.31 Parlay
1.32 Calypso
1.33 What Shall We Die for
1.34 I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time
1.35 Drink Up Me Hearties
1.36 One Day

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