Gluttony: Beyond the Veil of Flesh

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gluttony

Title: Beyond the Veil of Flesh
Label: Vic

2014 release from the Swedish Metal band. Gluttony started in Sundsvall 2009, as a solo project by Anders Haren. In 2011 Anders teamed up with other My Own Grave members John Henriksson (drums) and Max Bergman (bass) to record the Coffinborn demo. The drums for BEYOND THE VEIL O FLESH were recorded at Nevo Studios with engineer Daniel Mikaelsson of SYN: DROM. The rest of the instruments and vocals were recorded in Blast beat Studios. Mix and master was carried out by legendary producer Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) and the cover artwork was created by Jeffrey Zornow.

1.1 Revenant
1.2 Beyond the Veil of Flesh
1.3 Eaten Alive
1.4 Raise the Dead
1.5 Coffinborn
1.6 Post Mortem Decapitation
1.7 And Then You Rot
1.8 On the Slab

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