Goblin Rebirth: Goblin Rebirth

Goblin: Goblin Rebirth
Title: Goblin Rebirth
Label: Relapse
Product Type: VINYL LP

Italian progressive instrumentalists GOBLIN REBIRTH are a new incarnation, inspired by the legendary Goblin, of the 1970's horror-synth / film score icons responsible for such soundtracks as Suspiria, Zombi and Tenebre. GOBLIN REBIRTH came together after a short-lived reformation of the original group in 2009. The new group contains the famed rhythm section of the original Goblin (drummer Agostino Marangolo and bassist Fabio Pignatelli, who both played on the classic soundtracks to Zombi/Dawn of the Dead, Suspria, Profondo Rosso/Deep Red and more), with the addition of Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni on keyboards and Giacomo Anselmi on guitar.

1.1 Requiem for X
1.2 Back in 74
1.3 Book of Skulls
1.4 Mysterium
2.1 Evil in the Machine
2.2 Forest
2.3 Dark Bolero
2.4 Rebirth

Goblin Rebirth: Goblin Rebirth

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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