God Damn Whores

God Damn Whores: We Arte the Lucky 13

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Product Type: CD
Artist: God Damn Whores

Artist: God Damn Whores
Title: We Arte the Lucky 13

Brand new solo album from WILDHEARTS man Jon Poole. Features contributions from Wildhearts vocalists Ginger. Album has rave reviews in Kerrang and is considered a hook-filled punk pop album.

1.1 You Don't Wanna Fuck with the Lucky Thirteen
1.2 The God Damn Whores (Gonna Take You Out)
1.3 We're in the Army, Baby
1.4 D'ya Feel Lucky
1.5 Reelin' in the Suckers
1.6 We're the New Gods
1.7 You're So Fucked Up
1.8 We Need You
1.9 Wear Your Medal Like a Dog
1.10 Up Against the Wall
1.11 Unemployment Man
1.12 She Took Me Out

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