Gold Panda: Gold Panda Dj-Kicks

Gold Panda: Gold Panda Dj-Kicks
Title: Gold Panda Dj-Kicks
Label: K7

Gold Panda follows in the steps of everyone from Carl Craig to Kode 9. Preparing a new mix, the producer admitted that he struggled to make the transition to become a DJ.

1.1 An Iceberg Hurtled Northward Through Clouds
1.2 Puerto Rican Girls
1.3 Charisma Theme
1.4 Andreaen Sand Dunes
1.5 Uzi Mahmood 8
1.6 Coke
1.7 Revenue [Untold Remix]
1.8 Palo Alto
1.9 Godzilla
1.10 Maria
1.11 Back Home
1.12 Do Little
1.13 If's, And's and But's
1.14 Monolith
1.15 Shake
1.16 Amstel
1.17 Dinosaur
1.18 Like You Mean It
1.19 The Turnover
1.20 Beacon
1.21 Heated Dust on a Sunlit Window
1.22 2

Gold Panda: Gold Panda Dj-Kicks

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